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Our people love what they do. It’s all for the privilege of doing great work – for ourselves and for our clients.

Mike Wilie

Synonymous with Witherspoon work and client success for more than 35 years, Mike has been in charge since 2005. He’s hands-on with every client’s challenges. And he’s hands down, one of the most experienced professionals in Southwest advertising.

If you had a warning label, what would it say? Avoid exposure to the status quo.
Is great advertising still a turn-on? At its best, it is a window to our culture and is never boring.
What hidden talent would people be surprised to learn about? I can fix most mechanical things.
Who is your all-time favorite musical group? The Beatles. They produced a game changer, more than Elvis did, and their lyrics are the best. Period.
If you could appear in any movie, in which would you star? “Casablanca”
What amazing accomplishment did you achieve before age 10? I could drive a car.
When do you remember feeling real career satisfaction? When our client at Hobbs Trailers asked me to be the AE on the account. I was honored to be a pallbearer at his funeral years later.
What’s important to accomplish before you die? I want to see my family live well as a result of making the right choices in life.