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Our people love what they do. It’s all for the privilege of doing great work – for ourselves and for our clients.

Natalie Rose Morris

Seeing the big picture, one concept at a time. Natalie’s fresh, crisp work embodies George S. Patton’s adage: “If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking.” Natalie delights in the new day, a fresh approach, looking to put that magic in each concept.

What turns you on about advertising? It’s creative. It’s competitive. It’s current. I love the challenge of taking something you see every day and making it exciting. Advertising forces you to think outside the box, and I’m very comfortable out there.
What hidden talent would people be surprised to learn about? I can write my name upside down, backwards and in cursive – right or left handed.
If you had one, what would your warning label say? Form over function – always.
What’s important to accomplish before you die? I just hope to feel like I did everything I ever wanted to do. Life is short, so I want to enjoy each and every day.